Welcome to csharp-gradecalculator’s documentation!

csharp-gradecalculator is a grade calculator for BTEC qualifications, written in C# and using .NET Core. It calculates and looks up BTEC points and grades, in addition to UCAS points.



  • Uses a SQLite database
  • Calculates BTEC points from number of passes, merits, and distinctions
  • Looks up BTEC grades from BTEC points
  • Looks up UCAS points from BTEC grades


Unfortunately the software does not have any pre-compiled binaries at the moment, so it is necessary to compile the program from its source code.

Installation from source code

csharp-gradecalculator supports Windows, macOS, and Linux.


  1. Ensure that the .NET Core runtime is installed:
    1. Download the .NET Core runtime installer.
    2. Install the .NET core runtime by running the installer and following the steps (administrator access is needed for this).
  2. Download the software from GitHub.
  3. Extract the ZIP file that the software was downloaded in with a ZIP file extractor of your choice, such as 7Zip or PeaZip. The built-in Windows Explorer extractor can also be used.
  4. Press Shift + right click in the folder that the software was extracted into.
  5. Select Open command window here. A command window should open.
  6. Type dotnet restore, then press Enter in the command window to download the necessary dependencies.
  7. Type dotnet build, then press Enter in the command window to build the application from its source code.
  8. Type dotnet run, then press Enter in the command window to run the application.
  9. Use the application as normal.


If you are having issues with csharp-gradecalculator, please let us know using the issue tracker.


csharp-gradecalculator is licenced under the MIT License.